Dear Future Member,


Have you come online to make money? Then I've got some bad news for you!


Because you are about to hit the 'Crap Wall.'

What's that you ask?


You may be familiar with the long distance runner's wall? The almost impenetrable barrier of fatigue that stops many of them dead in their tracks.

Except in this case the wall will be your email box.

Your inbox will quickly become a confusing avalanche of non-sense! Emails about the most incredibly useless approaches to making money will clog your inbox.


Regrettably, it only takes responding to a couple of make money offers to trigger this process.


And, just like the long distance runner, it will have the same effect. You will be stopped cold in your online money making tracks.

Your email box will fill to the brim with distractions and time wasters. But that's not the worst part.


It's the irony.


Because in addition to not making you any money this non-sense will actually suck money out of you!

Usually these distractions will take the form of what I call '
the flavor of the day.'

Here are a few of the flavors that may already be in your email box right now:

- Blogging

- Google (Plus, Play, etc.)
- Pinterest
- Facebook
- Linkedin
- Twitter
- YouTube
- Magic Software

These offers will bury you under a mountain of useless information. They will spin your wheels and waste more of your time without putting any money in your wallet.

Much of what you purchase will simply sit on your computer. You may not even open most of  it.


Not because you're a slacker.


It's because you are too busy with your life to decipher and apply these schemes.


After all you probably sought money online because you didn't have time for second, or third, job.


And most of the stuff you purchase will be hard to 'make work.'


So you will simply keep going to the next offer in futile attempts to make money online.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let Me Rewind A Bit

Learning to make money online can be one of the most difficult undertakings in your life!




Because the approach that most new online marketers take require too many moving parts. This is exactly why you have failed in the past.


You didn't know what to do first, how often, or with which resource. Most of the stuff that you are being taught is designed to put more money in the guru's pockets anyway.


Let me tell you that your dream to infuse life with an extra income stream is a good one. And you can make it a reality!


We can help you -- if you let us.


Don't Trade Time For Money Online!
Everyday people who have a skill offline come online to earn money from it. They setup a site, and offer that skill in the form of a service.


Sometimes they join 'micro job' sites like Fiverr, Odesk, Freelancer, etc. where they sell services.


This requires pleasing clients who are trying to gouge you and spending 'sweat shop' hours on your computer. Many soon discover that they have simply traded a lousy off line job for an even worst online version!


I don't believe that this is your true intention...right?

We Can Save You Time (And Money)
Let's say that you don't have a service to offer. Instead you have come online to discover other ways to make money from home -- without trading time for money.


You see the real advantage of the internet is that you can have machines (computers) doing the work for you.


What is the secret?

The REAL Secret!
Here it is plainly. The real secret to making money online (at least in the make money niche) is in training and teaching.

That's represents 95% of the offers in your email box. (Check if you don't believe me).


But you have to be able to deliver the training without "physically" being there yourself. This is how you make it the most profitable!

If you are new to the whole 'make money online' thing you probably don't have anything to teach yet.


Odds are that you haven't learned any of the hundreds of skills necessary to provide valuable training to an audience.


And, if you are really smart, you won't spend hundreds of hours trying to learn them either.


Instead you will leverage someone else's training.

That's where MoonLightWealth.Com comes in. Much of what we teach is aimed at new authors.


But YOU can make good money from our system -- without having to become an author yourself.


And we are talking about very good money.


But It Gets Even More Complicated

Pick any coaching or teaching program out there today and odds are you can find a Torrent about them.


What is a Torrent?


Basically, it's a website that steals the digital products the owners spent time and money to create. Many people are unaware of torrents. And, quite frankly, they are a BIG problem for anyone just selling digital information online.


It Gets Even Worse!

You can spend hours, days, weeks, or even months (some do) wasting time with the stolen information on torrents. In 99% of the cases it won't create any money for you. (We won't even get into the viruses that can infect your computer from their spammy adware).


And you will STILL be right where you are now.


Well not exactly, because now you've wasted all of that time and energy. Which, if you haven't discovered it yet, is more valuable than the money! (You can always get money back but you can never get your time back!)


How do we avoid this problem?

Simple. As a new MoonLightWealth Member you will be compensated when others receive the training that we provide them. 


Here our members learn what the other hundreds, to thousands, of dollars a day money earners actually do!


Plus, you will also get compensated through the automatic rotation system we have in place.


What this means is that compensation is only available for our Members!


There's no benefit at all in sponging our training because the real money for you is in being a registered paying member.

And It Gets Even Better
Our Member Match System is truly
where we part company with other make money online programs
. It will release you from the typical constraints to online cash flow!

Here are just a few of the benefits:
- You will start for only $1.00 dollar.
- You are paid weekly.
- You earn
two tier income (not MLM at all).
- You access the bonuses.
- You are freed from wasting time on your computer!

Watch the
short, 4-minute, video at the link below that outlines how the whole system works.


Then you will understand why we are fond of saying:


"MoonLightWealth is the last online money making program you will ever need!"


Get ready.


You are about to discover how making extra income can become one of the easiest things you have ever done in your life.


Enjoy what you will discover at the links below.

Yours Truly,

Linda Wilson

(866) 276-5108

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